May 21, 2019

Better, Faster, Stronger.

Download this update for iOS now.

Dear User,

It’s been a month since we have launched Jumbo for iPhone. We are grateful for how much love and passion our users have shown for our first version.

Today, you can enjoy this update with a lot of great new features.

Smart Privacy for Google

In one tap, Jumbo will change your Privacy Settings on Google, to better protect your privacy.

For example, Jumbo will prevent Google from collecting your search queries, tracking your location, or showing you targeted ads.

How to use this feature? Setup “Smart Privacy for Google” from the Apps tab.

Smart Privacy for Twitter

Similar to Smart Privacy for Facebook, or Google, Jumbo will change your Privacy Settings on Twitter, to better protect your privacy.

Jumbo will disable targeted ads, Twitter tracking you on the web, and stop Twitter from sharing your data with Twitter’s business partners.

How to use this feature? Setup “Smart Privacy for Twitter” from the Apps tab.

Smart Notifications

Jumbo will now send you notifications when there are new tweets, Google searches, or Alexa recordings to delete. Never leave more data than what you want, now it’s even easier with Jumbo’s notifications.

New Apps Tab

We have redesigned our “homepage” to make Jumbo easier to understand and use. Connect your Apps today.

Less Bugs

We had issues with our first version with making sure Jumbo was always reliable and fast. We’re sorry for these issues.

We’ve made a lot of engineering changes to improve Jumbo’s performance. Less bug, more fun.

Save your Tweets to Dropbox

We’ve added Dropbox as an option to save your tweets to. Tap on the “Settings” icon from the “Clean my Tweets” on the Apps tab, and select Dropbox. Of course, you can also import your Tweets from Dropbox to see all of them in the Memory tab, if you change your phone for example, or reinstall Jumbo.

Alexa works in UK, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands.

If you’re a user outside of the USA, our integration to delete Alexa voice recordings now works for more countries.


Thanks for being part of this journey to build a great privacy-first product.

Pierre Valade