April 09, 2019

Jumbo, your Privacy Assistant, launches today.

Today, I’m excited to announce our new app: Jumbo. Jumbo is a beautifully designed iPhone app that helps fix the privacy mess. Unfortunately, every day it feels like there is a new story about our personal data being compromised. But the good news is that people increasingly care about protecting their privacy. In fact, I believe privacy is a human right. But our privacy can only be protected when great tools are designed with people in mind, and make this complex issue as simple as tapping a button. That’s what why we built Jumbo.

You can download the app for iOS today. We will be working on an Android version in the coming months (follow @jumboprivacy on Twitter to know when the Android beta will be available).

––– Pierre Valade, CEO of Jumbo. Previously: CEO of Sunrise Calendar, acquired by Microsoft.

What Jumbo will do for you?

Make your tweets ephemeral

Social media platforms like Twitter were built to emulate real-life communication – where the things you say aren’t recorded permanently, only to be resurrected later, out of context. Today, millions of people want to enjoy the freedom of social media expression without the downside of creating an endless trail of thoughts and feelings, that will follow them forever.

That’s why we’ve built the easiest way to make your tweets ephemeral – meaning they exist online for a time period you choose, then Jumbo removes them from the internet to save on your iPhone, for only you to come back to.

The Twitter Cleaner on Jumbo deletes old tweets from Twitter, then privately backs them up in a beautiful user-interface, accessible only by you, on your Jumbo app. It’s like a Twitter vault, and only you have the key.

Smart Privacy, for Facebook

Another complaint we frequently hear is how difficult and confusing it is to modify Facebook privacy settings – there are more than 30 settings available!

That’s why we’ve built our Smart Facebook Privacy Settings feature, which represents our aspiration to become an integrated, one-stop shop for all your privacy needs. Helping you not only clean your digital data, but protect yourself with best practices moving forward.

Select the privacy level you’re comfortable with – strong, medium, or weak – and Jumbo changes more than 30 settings for you automatically. You can learn more specifically about this feature on this page.

Delete your Google Search, Alexa voice recordings

Jumbo also supports Google Search, and Alexa. For Google, did you know they save every search you’ve ever done – all of those intimate, private questions you asked are saved on the internet for ever. But with Jumbo you can clean these old searches that Google keeps (we recommend that you use DuckDuckGo if you do not want to be tracked when searching online). With Alexa, Amazon is storing all the voice recordings of your requests – and they do not even let you turn off that collection of data. With Jumbo, you can clean all your Alexa voice recording in one tap!

Should I trust Jumbo?
Good question! Trust is a foundation of what we do. I think trust is only earned over time, and I hope Jumbo will prove to you that every decision we are making has your privacy in mind. We aim to be the trusted brand when it comes to protecting your privacy.

The first decision we made while building Jumbo is, unlike other internet services, we do not have any server-side storage (“in the cloud”) or processing of your data (we cannot see anything we clean for you). All your data never leaves your iPhone, and is never stored or processed in a remote server (of course, except the server of the original service, like Facebook’s servers). You can learn more about security on this page. In the future, we will support backups to your personal iCloud or Dropbox accounts, only if you want to.

Second, I think knowing who is behind a product is an important factor in trust. Jumbo is built by a team of 6 people, the CEO is Pierre Valade, and the investors are Thrive Capital and Nextview Ventures.

How does Jumbo plan to make money?

We want to build Jumbo as a sustainable business – one that does not violate your privacy – so we’re planning to introduce premium features, that will be accessible via a subscription, in the coming months.


Ask us more questions on Twitter at @jumboprivacy, or via email at [email protected]

Pierre Valade