April 09, 2019

Terms of Use

Jumbo Privacy’s Terms of Service

Last updated on June 24th, 2020

These terms of services and terms and conditions (the “T&CS”) govern your use and access, either as an individual or a single entity (“You” or “Your” as applicable), to the mobile application entitled “Jumbo” (herein “Jumbo App”) owned and developed by 2121 ATELIER Inc., d/b/a. Jumbo Privacy, a US corporation (“We”/”Us”/”Our”).

1. Presentation

We have developed Jumbo App to enable You to manage at Your sole discretion Your online activity and personal content such as, without limitation, Your searches on Your navigator and/or Your publications, pictures and posts (“Your Content”) and privacy settings within your account(s) on third party services, applications and/or networks (“Account(s)”) as available within Jumbo App.

Jumbo App allows You to decide what Content from Your Account(s) You want to keep, delete or transfer to store on Your phone and/or third party online storage services (“Storage Services”) and how You want to manage Your privacy settings within Your Account(s).

2. Plans provided in the Jumbo App

2.1 Description of the different Jumbo Plans

Jumbo App offers three different level of services (the “Services”) depending on which plan you are on between the following :

By downloading the Jumbo App, we grant You a simple right to use the Jumbo App according to the following T&Cs. This granted license is revocable, free or in consideration of a fee if you select a paid plan, non-exclusive and worldwide. It is intended for Your strict personal use.

2.1.1. Jumbo Free

Jumbo Free is the default plan You have access to when You download the Jumbo App. Services in Jumbo Free include notably, without limitation for some of Your Accounts You chose to link to the Jumbo App to:

Jumbo Free is at Your disposal free of charge. Services or Account You can link as provided to you in Jumbo Free might vary from time to time, at Our discretion.

2.1.2. Jumbo Plus

Jumbo Plus is our subscription plan for individuals that want to upgrade from Jumbo Free. In addition to all Services included in Jumbo Free, You will have access to additional Services as described in the Jumbo App at the date of Your subscription.

2.1.3 Jumbo Pro

Jumbo Pro is our highest level of subscription plan for individuals that want to add Accounts concerning their professional life. In addition to all Services included in Jumbo Plus, You will have access to additional Services as described in the Jumbo App at the date of Your subscription

2.1.4. Change of Services

Services available in the different Jumbo Plans may vary from time to time. We may add some Services to Your subscription for more protection.

2.2 Monthly Fee

The prices of our monthly fees (the “Monthly Fee”) vary depending on whether You have chosen Jumbo Plus and Jumbo Pro as Your subscription plan, and the currency of the country you are located in.

In any case, our Monthly Fee prices are indicated in the Jumbo App as monthly prices given in Dollars including all taxes, unless otherwise specified. Any change in the legal rate of VAT will be automatically reflected in the price of the subscription.

Any change of prices of our Monthly Fees will be notified by Apple or Google, depending on the marketplace You are using on Your phone, and will be governed by their terms and conditions.

2.2.1. Jumbo Plus

We have decided to offer a “pay what you want” Monthly Fee for Jumbo Plus subscribers.

You are free to choose between the Monthly Fee prices indicated in the Jumbo App at the date of Your subscription for your monthly subscription to Jumbo Plus.

The Monthly Fee You choose will not affect the Services made available to You within Jumbo Plus offer. As a user of Jumbo Plus, Your experience with Jumbo Plus will be the same whether You chose to pay the lower price, or if You chose to pay a higher price. We want you to choose between the range of price at Your sole discretion.

You can choose to change Your Monthly Fee related to Your Jumbo Plus subscription at any time, at Your discretion, directly in Your Apple or Google account. Such change will occur the following month of Your subscription.

2.2.2. Jumbo Pro

The price of the Jumbo Pro subscription amounts to a fixed Monthly Fee as indicated in the Jumbo App at the date of Your subscription.

2.3. Subscription

When You start using the Jumbo App, you will automatically be on the Jumbo Free plan. You can stay on the Jumbo Free plan or You can decide, at any time and at Your sole discretion, to upgrade to Jumbo Plus or Jumbo Pro.

You can upgrade to Jumbo Plus or Jumbo Pro by clicking on the plan You have chosen directly in the Jumbo App. By clicking on Jumbo Plus or Jumbo Pro, We will then direct You to our app marketplace partners which are the Apple Store or the Google Play store, depending on the exploitation system You use on Your phone (please refer to article 2.5 for more information).

Once You have validated Your subscription to Jumbo Plus or Jumbo Pro, You will be re-directed to the Jumbo App that will have been automatically upgraded to the plan of your choosing.

2.4 Payment

Payment for Your subscription plan Monthly Fee is due and collected by Apple or Google, depending on the marketplace available on Your phone. Fees will be payable monthly as provided under the Apple Store Terms or the Google Play Store Terms.

Your subscription payment will be subject to Apple’s or Google’s applicable payment policy, which may not provide for refunds. We strongly recommend You read Apple or Google’s terms and conditions before subscribing to one of our plans. Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to amendments by Apple or Google, whichever applicable.

Jumbo Privacy is not responsible for any payment error or fraud on your Google or Apple account. Also, any Monthly Fee payment will be deemed and final, and we will not provide You any refund.

Apple and Google collect personal data and payment card data when You made purchases. They do not give this data to Jumbo Privacy. Jumbo Privacy does not collect or process credit or debit card data. To find out more about the processing of your data when you subscribe to a plan, please consult our Privacy Policy.

2.5 Term

Terms for subscriptions to Jumbo Plus and Jumbo Pro start from the day You subscribe to Jumbo Plus or Jumbo Pro, for a duration of one month. Your subscription will then be automatically renewed for successive terms of one month.

You can terminate Your subscription at any time through Your Apple or Google Store account at least 24 hours before the end of Your monthly subscription. Such termination will be effective at the end of such subscription month.

Your Monthly Fee will continue to be billed automatically to the payment method You have provided, unless terminated according to the above conditions. Refunds cannot be claimed for any partial-month subscription period.

For more information, please refer to the applicable Apple and Google terms and conditions.

2.6 Right of withdrawal

Depending on your geographical location, You may have a period of 14 days to exercise your right of withdrawal, from the day of your subscription, without giving any reason, and without incurring any costs.

To exercise your right of withdrawal for a purchase you made on the Apple Store, please see the sales & refund terms and conditions of Apple : https://www.apple.com/uk/shop/browse/open/salespolicies#topic-9.

To exercise your right of withdrawal for a purchase you made on the Google Play Store, please contact Google through the Google Play Store.

If you want more information regarding how Apple or Google implemented this right of withdrawal, please refer to Apple’s or Google’s applicable payment policy.

If you have any trouble in exercising your right of withdrawal, You can contact Jumbo Privacy. Since we have a strict “no data collection policy”, you need to contact us from Your Jumbo App for us to link your subscription to your DeviceID. If you need help with this, please contact Jumbo Privacy at [email protected].

3. Specificities of some Services offered in Jumbo App

3.1 Transferring Your Content to Storing Services

We believe that it is important for You to decide where You want to keep Your Content stored, therefore We allow You to transfer Your Content to Storage Services that We have selected based on what We believe are the most common Storage Services used by You. We have no affiliation nor partnership with such Storage Services, nor do We control them.

Therefore, We do not monitor nor endorse the terms of use nor the privacy statements of such Storage Services. We encourage You to review the terms of use and privacy statements of the Storage Services before You choose to transfer them Your Content, so that You can understand how those Storage Services will store, use and/or share Your Content.

3.2. Privacy Management

Jumbo Privacy allows You to manage Your privacy settings within Your Accounts by showing You how Your information is used by the Account You select, by following this process :

Jumbo Privacy is not responsible for :

Jumbo App does not interfere with the privacy settings available within Your Accounts, nor does it offer additional privacy settings.

We encourage You to review the terms of use and privacy statements of Your accounts to understand what is done with Your personal data in Your accounts.

3.3 Block trackers

If You enable the “Block Tracker” Feature in the Jumbo App, Jumbo Privacy will block connections to servers you have selected by enabling an extension that will appear as a “VPN” on your phone. Please note that contrary to a VPN, this extension does not encrypt traffic made on your phone. You can turn this feature off at any time directly in the Jumbo App or through the iOS or Android device settings.

You are the one responsible to choose which trackers you want to block at any time by selecting or deselecting a tracker in your Jumbo App.

You acknowledge and agree that Jumbo Privacy has relied on lists available online from privacy experts’ blogs to decide what trackers to enable you to block or not (notably the list available here). Therefore, Jumbo Privacy gives no warranty on whether such trackers are effectively tracking your data, and misusing it, and whether you should or not disable them by using the “Block Tracker” feature.

When using this feature, you acknowledge and agree that the process used to block these trackers cannot determine the origin of a connection attempt and as such may occasionally block content you were trying to access. This is an unwanted side effect of this feature and cannot be completely avoided.

4. Using Jumbo App - Your commitments

We believe privacy and choice of who can access Your Content is one of our most precious freedom. To ensure Jumbo’s good functioning, and in exchange for such services, We require that you commit to the following, notably when accessing and using Jumbo App :

5. Limits on liability and disclaimers

Jumbo Privacy is not a law firm. We provide you with privacy information and self-help tools. The information provided in Your Account together with the content on our blog is provided for your private use and does not constitute legal advice.

If you need legal advice for a specific problem, you should consult a licensed lawyer.

Furthermore, as we are not lawyers, please note that any communications between us is not protected under the attorney-client privilege.

We provide You Jumbo App using a reasonable level of skill and care, but We cannot make any promise nor warranty that :

You understand that We will not be liable if any of the above occurs, and You waive any claim and/or lawsuit against Us for such reason.

Also You agree that We shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential losses which may be incurred by You resulting from:

The limitations on Our liability to You within this provision shall apply whether or not We were advised of or should have been aware of the possibility of any such losses arising.

6. Security

Jumbo Privacy makes its best efforts to secure Jumbo App in view of the complexity of the internet. It cannot guarantee absolute security. By the present T&Cs, You :

7. Other

8. EU Consumer Alternative Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute relating to these general terms of service, You have the possibility to recourse to the consumer mediation procedure.

You may access the EU Online Dispute Resolution platform via the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr.


For any questions related to the T&Cs, and/or Jumbo App, or if You want to warn Us of any violation of the T&Cs, please contact Us via e-mail to the following email address: [email protected]