April 09, 2019

Terms of Use

These terms of service (the “TOS”) govern your use and access, either as an individual or a single entity (“You” or “Your” as applicable), to the mobile application entitled “Jumbo” (herein “Jumbo”) owned and developed by 2121 ATELIER Inc., a US corporation (“We”/”Us”/”Our”).

1. Presentation

We have developed Jumbo to enable You to manage at Your sole discretion Your online activity and personal content such as, without limitation, Your searches on Your navigator and/or Your publications, pictures and posts on social media applications …. (“Your Content”) and privacy settings within Your account(s) (“Your Account(s)) on third party applications/services (the “Services”) as available within Jumbo.

Jumbo allows You to decide what Content from Your Account(s) You want to keep, delete or transfer to store on Your phone and/or third party online storage services (“Storage Services”) and how You want to manage Your privacy settings within Your Account(s).

2. Using Jumbo - Your commitments

We believe privacy and choice of who can access Your Content is one of our most precious freedom. To ensure Jumbo’s good functioning, and in exchange for such services, We require that you commit to the following, notably when accessing and using Jumbo :

Please note that nothing in the TOS should be construed as granting, explicitly or not, any license or right to use Our trademarks, without Our written authorization in such case.

3. Transferring Your Content to Storing Services

We believe that it is important for You to decide where You want to keep Your Content stored, therefore We allow You to transfer Your Content to Storage Services that We have selected based on what We believe are the most common Storage Services used by You. We have no affiliation nor partnership with such Storage Services, nor do We control them.

Therefore, We do not monitor nor endorse the terms of use nor the privacy statements of such Storage Services. We encourage You to review the terms of use and privacy statements of the Storage Services before You choose to transfer them Your Content, so that You can understand how those Storage Services will store, use and/or share Your Content.

4. Privacy Management

Jumbo allows You to manage Your privacy settings within the Services by choosing from three different strength of security : Low/Medium/Strong.

We have built these criteria according to privacy settings available to users within the Services bearing in mind that Jumbo does not interfere with the privacy settings available within the Services, nor does it offer additional privacy settings. For more information on what these three criteria mean concretely for each Service, We invite You to read this help section page.

Please note that Jumbo cannot warrant that the “Strong” level protects Your privacy as You would expect nor according to levels imposed by applicable laws. We encourage You to review the terms of use and privacy statements of the Services to understand what the Services do with Your personal data.

5. Limits on liability and disclaimers

We provide You Jumbo using a reasonable level of skill and care, but We cannot make any promise nor warranty that :

You understand that We will not be liable if any of the above occurs, and You waive any claim and/or lawsuit against Us for such reason.

Also You agree that We shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential losses which may be incurred by You resulting from:

The limitations on Our liability to You within this provision shall apply whether or not We were advised of or should have been aware of the possibility of any such losses arising.

6. Other


For any questions related to the TOS, and/or Jumbo, or if You want to warn Us of any violation of the TOS, please contact Us via e-mail to the following email address : [email protected]